Flexible workspaces, lab equipment, operational support, and business services. Go Forward, Faster with Bonneville Labs.

Bonneville Labs vs. Competitors

Differentiator  BONNEVILLE LABS Other Incubator/Coworking Providers Traditional lease
Take Equity No Equity taken Some Do Rarely
Assert Right to Buy-in to Future Round No Buy-in Rates Some Do Rarely
Private, Secured Space Available Available
Single Bench Rentals Available Some Do, Some Don't
Shared Equipment & Facilities Repairs, 24/7 Call Sometimes
Private Equipment Rental Sometimes
Less Than 1 Year Commitments Available Many Other Co-working Spaces Require Longer Commitment Usually 3-10 year term, no termination
Forced Exit Timing No Forced Exit, Up To You Most Incubators Force Exits Usually Not
Multiple Locations & Growth Paths Available Some Do, Some Don't Sometimes
Environ, Health, & Safety Staff & Member Amenity Some Do
Staffed Autoclave and GlassWash Sometimes
Furnished Spaces
Staffed Reception & Free Conference Rooms Sometimes
Cold Store, Chem Store, BioWaste disposal Included Seldom
IT Setup Included Seldom
Operating Expenses (Utils, Property R&M, etc) Paid by Startup No, Startup does not pay
Turnkey Cost (& Time) of Design, Permit, and Construction Mgmt of
$50 - 450 per SF.

What To Expect as a Bonneville Member

Convenient Locations

Flexible workspaces from single benches to dedicated suites. State-of-the-art equipment is maintained by professionals so you don’t need to.

Operational Services

Environmental Health & Safety training and oversight, equipment setup and tutorials, conventional office comforts, and much more.

Collaborative Community

Connect with exciting peers from Bonneville Labs and across the Bay Area’s wider biotech community.

About Bonneville Labs

Bonneville Labs is a flexible coworking lab space optimized for a community of Bio-Doers, emerging biotechnology companies, community partners, and life science market leaders

We provide comprehensive and supported environments enabling companies to focus on discovery and outdistance the conventional.

Why Choose Bonneville

Beyond our flexible workspaces, lab equipment, operational support, and business services, Bonneville Labs is dedicated to all-around convenience and the velocity it provides.

Convenient Locations

Flexible Rental Size Options

No Long Term Commitments

Customized Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Flexible Rental Size Options


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Read What Our Clients Say About Us

Lee Haung

"Bonneville Labs is a pretty special place for biotech start-ups. It provides a supportive environment for companies like Sense Therapeutics to engage in its research. The facilities and basic equipment basic for chemical and biotech experiments are taken care of by the professional staff. They also host different activities like community building, and vendor demo events so that the companies co-opt at BV labs are working in a collaborating environment like in the universities. Also, there are three locations strategically located that cater well for the growth needs for different companies."

August 31, 2022

Sam Tia

"One of the main reasons we chose Bonneville Labs was its prime location in the East Bay, which is where my co-founding team is based. But what truly sets Bonneville apart is its flexibility and founder-friendly approach. Kinkead, the owner of Bonneville Labs, brings a strong background in entrepreneurship that resonates with us; he understands our needs and provides us with the versatility and flexibility we require. The support staff at Bonneville is also great, handling day-to-day operations like cleaning as well as shipping and receiving, allowing us to focus on what we excel at: building our business and advancing our science."

August 29, 2023

Jovani Adra

"From the very beginning of our business relationship, it has been nothing short of exceptional. Our journey with Bonneville started when we were searching for the perfect space for our startup. their team guided us through the entire process with professionalism and a genuine commitment to our success. The first thing that stood out to us was the flexibility they offered. We needed a space that could adapt to our evolving needs and Bonneville delivered on this front. they worked closely with us to tailor the lease terms to fit out business model, making the transition into our new workspace seamless."

September 5, 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Bonneville Labs' community?

The option for Shared or Private Lab Space & Offices, EH&S Support, Shared Lab Equipment, Lab Operations Support, Office Amenities, A community like minded Startups and entrepreneurs, Purchasing discounts.

What hours can I use the lab?

Our Members have 24hr access to your lab space and shared equipment.

What equipment do you have?

Base Membership Includes: Chem Fume Hood,-80C PHCbi MDF-U76VA-PA VIP Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, -20C American BioTech Supply Manual Defrost Laboratory Freezer ABT-HC-MFP-20, 4C Laboratory Refrigerator, Autoclave, Apera Instruments, LLC-AI501 PH700 Benchtop Lab pH Meter, Analytical Balance, Elga PURELAB Flex 2 Purification System, Elga PURELAB Chorus Halo Advance Dispense, Dry Ice, Ice Machine, Glassware Washer/Dryer, Panasonic NN SD745S Laboratory Microwave, INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer, N2 Canister Systems

Shared Equipment Membership: Bio-Rad Gel Imager, Bio-Rad C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler, Bio-Rad Touch real-time-PCR-detection-system, Labconco A2 Class II BSC, PHCBI CO2 Incubator, SpectraMax iD3 microplate reader, Thermo Scientific Precision 2L General Purpose Water Bath, NanoDrop One/One C Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Nuaire NuWind 2.0 General Purpose Benchtop Centrifuge, VWR Mini Centrifuge, Leica Inverted LED TC microscope (w/ fluorescence), AmScope Flurescence Microscope

Equipment Available for Private Rental:  PHCBI CO2 Incubator, Labconco A2 Class II BSC, Additional Fume Hood, Freezer & Refrigeration equipment.

How do I apply for Membership?

Fill out the form below, our team will contact you to access your needs and get the process moving forward.



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