Wet Lab Vs. Dry Lab Space Vs. Office: The difference and what you need

When it comes to scientific research, there are two types of laboratory spaces that are commonly used: wet laboratories and dry laboratories. Both have their own unique purposes and requirements, and both typically combine their lab space with additional office space in order to suit their needs.

What are the key differences between wet and dry labs?

Wet laboratories, also known as wet labs, are typically used for bench research with hazards and work that involves liquids, biological matter or chemicals. These types of labs often have sinks, fume hoods, and other specialized equipment to deal with these substances.

Dry laboratories, on the other hand, are used for research and work focused on computation, physics, and engineering. Often the work in dry labs is later proven out in wet labs, but the cross pollination between the work being conducted can be continued throughout the experimentation process.

What is the purpose of Wet Lab Space?

The wet lab is what you would consider a traditional experimental laboratory. It’s designed for research that needs to be conducted in a controlled environment where chemical and biological samples are in use.

These labs are built to meet different Biosafety Levels (BSL) which are set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) as safeguards to protect lab users as well as surrounding personnel and the environment from potential hazards. Biosafety Levels range from 1, the lowest level, up to level 4. Bonneville Labs offers wet lab space up to Biosafety Level II (BSL-2). BSL-2 wet laboratories are designed to accommodate work with agents of moderate potential hazard and have requirements regarding equipment, ventilation, and access.

Features & equipment in a wet lab

The type of work performed in a wet lab

What are the benefits to having wet lab space at Bonneville?

Bonneville Labs provides everything from individual benches in shared lab spaces to fully private lab suites allowing everyone from one person start ups to large scale teams to perform the experiments needed for their stage of research within their budget and operational capabilities.

Check out a list of Bonneville Labs Member Companies and to see the types of companies supported in our space.

What is the purpose of Dry Lab Space?

Dry lab space is typically used for computer-based research and development work, such as data analysis, modeling, and programming. These labs will sometimes be equipped with humidity and temperature control systems and other systems in order to ensure the electronics and instruments in use remain in peak performance.

Features & Equipment in a Dry Lab

The features of dry lab space vary depending on the needs of the scientists and researchers using the space. However, common features of dry lab space include computer workstations, whiteboards, and presentation areas. As mentioned, additional temperature control systems can be implemented if the electronics and equipment require it.

The type of work performed in a dry lab

The type of work completed in a dry lab can range from the following: 

  • Data analysis
  • Modeling
  • Programming
  • Simulation
  • Algorithm development
  • Software engineering


Contact us with dry lab needs and our expert team will evaluate and determine what would be needed to support your work safely.

What is the Office Space at Bonneville Labs Like and Who Uses it?

The office space at Bonneville Labs is bright, airy, and modern. We have a variety of private offices, open coworking areas, and common spaces for our members to use as they see fit. Many Bonneville Labs members use dedicated private offices as team meeting rooms, making their experience similar to that of leasing a traditional office. Other members are happy to utilize shared conference rooms that can be booked as needed at no additional cost through the Bonneville member portal. The meeting space is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the members. Some even rent our office space without any need for lab space.

Types of Office and Meeting Space Available at Bonneville

Bonneville Labs offers a mix of dedicated offices, shared offices with both sit and stand up desks, shared offices with cubicles, as well as bookable conference rooms. Each Bonville location is different and will vary based on the needs of the specific members at that location.

The bookable conference rooms at all of our locations are used by members but also host community events such as:

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Academic talks
  • Member activities like trivia games
  • Vendor demos and sponsored events

What to expect when using space at Bonneville Labs

Bonneville Labs offers flexible wet lab and office space and has the ability to tailor a combination of the two to work for you and your business! Whatever your need is, Bonneville Labs has you covered. Get in touch and inquire about space today.