Correlia Biosystems’ PIXI: Setting New Standards in Biotech Lab Analysis

Correlia Biosystems, a leading name in biotech lab equipment, has unveiled a revolutionary ELISA platform tailored for small sample volumes. Known as the PIXI system, this state-of-the-art equipment streamlines the entire immunoassay process through its automated sample-in, data-out mechanism, seamlessly merging liquid handling, sample preparation, and thorough analysis.

Distinguishing features of the PIXI ELISA platform encompass:

  • Microscale: Capability to extract data from a mere 1 µL starting sample volume.
  • Broad Dynamic Range: A staggering 5-log dynamic range.
  • Automated System: A user-friendly walk-away setup that ensures sample in/data out operation. It requires minimal user intervention and is fully compatible with standard research lab equipment, including liquid handling devices from renowned brands like Opentrons, Tecan, Hamilton, and more.
  • Rapid Analysis: Outpacing conventional plate-based ELISA, the PIXI system completes the entire assay procedure in a swift 30-60 minutes.
  • Reliability: Users can place their trust in the system’s high accuracy and reproducibility.

What sets the PIXI platform apart is its unmatched efficiency in the immunoassay ELISA domain. It demands the least amount of sample in the market. This becomes invaluable, for instance, in longitudinal mouse experiments. Instead of sacrificing an animal for each data point, researchers can now derive more precise data through a tail-bleed, thereby ensuring consistency by eliminating the need to compare data from different animals. Moreover, with the PIXI system at their disposal, microbiology labs can analyze ocular and needle biopsies even when the sample quantity might not suffice for other platforms.

Clients will undoubtedly appreciate the system’s quick turnaround time – analyzing as many as 96 samples in as little as 30 minutes. Its full automation ensures that results are delivered in a dependable, hands-off manner. The PIXI system’s linear dynamic range spanning 5 orders of magnitude enables users to juxtapose low abundant analytes with high abundant ones within a singular analysis. Although initially set to operate in single-plex mode, multi-plex assays are slated for imminent introduction.

The technology harnesses the tried-and-tested sandwich-immunoassay principles. However, by integrating microfluidics and active sample/analyte movement, the PIXI system considerably shortens the time required for hybridization and sample washing.

Correlia Biosystems is now extending an invitation to interested entities to be a part of its early access program in the run-up to the official product launch. Reach out to or dial 858-322-1046 to explore your eligibility for Correlia’s Early Access Program (terms and conditions apply). Alternatively, contact the same email for a complimentary demo of the PIXI ELISA platform, set to launch later in 2023.