Types of Companies That Use Bonneville Labs

When it comes to renting lab and office space, there are many different types of companies that can benefit from the services offered by Bonneville Labs. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most common types of businesses that use Bonneville’s coworking space. To start, we will explore at a high level why companies rent lab space rather than purchase their own.

Why Companies Rent Coworking Lab and Office Space

Two of the main reasons that companies will rent coworking lab and office space are cost effectiveness and flexibility.

Cost Effectiveness

First, let’s talk about the cost effectiveness of renting lab space. Building your own is expensive, and typically large amounts of funding will need to be in place in order to take on this investment. You will need to purchase, arrange and outfit your entire space in order to even get started in your new location. In addition to cost, the amount of time it takes to build out your ideal space could take anywhere from 12 – 24 months. With Bonneville Labs, once our existing space is outfitted to your specifications with the equipment you require, you can quickly and easily get started in your new space. In addition, you can tap into Bonneville Labs resources and services like Environmental Health & Safety oversight and support, lab operations services, IT support, shipping & receiving, a vibrant coworking community of like minded individuals and more.


Another reason why companies choose to rent lab space is because it provides flexibility. If your company needs to downsize, upsize or move locations, renting lab space gives you the ability to do so easily and quickly. If you’re a small start up looking to grow, you can do so by adding lab space or office space to your existing lease. Existing companies with their own dedicated lab space outside of Bonneville but looking to expand are also great candidates for Bonneville Labs. Our flexible space allows these companies that are looking to grow or have identified a potential new area of research to get started quickly with minimal overhead.

Bonneville Labs Members: Types of Companies the Use Our Coworking Lab and Office Space

There are a wide variety of companies that use Bonneville Lab’s space in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll dive into a few defining features of our member companies.
Bonneville Labs Member Companies

Size of Bonneville Labs Member Companies:

The number of lab and office users per company range from 2 to over 50. The smaller companies and users typically represent new biotech startups looking to start research, complete a proof of concept, and get initial funding. The companies with upwards of 50 members at Bonneville are publicly traded companies, like Lucira Health and BridgeBio, both of whom are utilizing Bonneville as an extension of their own dedicated space.

Types of Research and Work Being Completed

The types of research being completed at Bonneville Labs also runs the spectrum. From advanced 3D printing, stem cell research, cancer research and advanced gene therapies, our space supports any type of work your biotech company needs to complete in a lab setting up to BSL 2. If you’re interested in learning more about our current members, check out our member directory to learn about the companies and types of work being done within Bonneville Lab’s space.

The Space our Members Use

The majority of Bonneville Labs member companies use both our lab space and office space. We offer conference rooms for meetings as well as cubicles and private offices for you to utilize when you or members of your team are outside of the lab. Smaller startups with 2 – 6 members may only choose to take advantage of shared lab and office space, while companies with over 6 lab users may choose to rent a private lab or customize a combination of private and shared lab and office space which is very common. We also have biotech companies that are only utilizing our office space as well. For those who already have lab space, but need additional offices and conference rooms, choosing to rent with Bonneville is a great option as you are surrounded by a community of professionals in the biotech industry.

How Long Our Members Stay at Bonneville Labs

We offer flexible lease terms allowing our members to scale up and grow within the Bonneville Labs environment. As a result, several of our members have been around for as long as 4 years. We also have plenty of companies that have graduated from Bonneville Labs space and moved off on their own. Although we are always sad to see members leave us, we are happy that we were able to provide the resources and tools the company needed to grow.

If you are considering renting lab space for your business, then Bonneville Labs can be the perfect option for you. With our cost-effective rates, flexible terms and easy access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources, Bonneville Labs is your newest partner in success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow and go forward, faster!