Member Companies

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Actym Therapeutics

Engineering next generation immunotherapies to treat cancer

Ansa Biotechnologies

Harnessing nature's machinery for rapid and accurate DNA synthesis

Bell BioSystems

Non-invasive tracking of transplanted cells in vivo using standard MRI instruments

Correlia Biosystems

Develops streamlined assay platforms to reduce the time and cost for quantifying proteins for proteomic and pharmaceutical applications


At Diassess, our mission is to break down barriers in access to healthcare. We empower patients to manage their health at their convenience without excessive costs.

Indee Labs

Unique hardware for the efficient development and scalable manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies

New Age Meats

Making meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. Crafting meat to be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable than meat made any other way.

Ovid Research

A research company to generate viable human eggs


Light-activated catalysts for 3D printing advanced functional materials

The Production Board

A technology incubator and investment holding company. They aim to
improve the efficiency and economics of global food and agriculture markets.


ReoLab technology can do any central lab quantitative immunoassay in less than an hour, on the benchtop. We can empower caregivers with the information they need to make clear treatment decisions, as they need it.

Root Applied Sciences

Partners with vineyard managers to identify potential problem areas before they become a problem

Storella & Witt LLP

Intellectual Property Law for Innovators in Biotech and Cleantech


A soil health company


Innovative, creative, and sustainable products for the body, mind, and soul

Our Extended Community


Cambridge Glycoscience

Making natural plant extracts, so you can make low-sugar cakes, cookies and candies.

Finless Foods

Creating seafood sustainably using scientific cellular agriculture technologies


Advancing the Science and Technology of Memory


Intelligent analytics for microbiome therapeutic discovery

Wild Earth Foods

Healthy pet foods that are good for the environment, made with cultured protein